You're just one decision away from changing your life

The Kangen Water System


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One simple system that gives you access to 5 different types of water that will transform not just how you consume water, but how you use water for all your cleaning, cooking and aesthetic needs.



You and your family's health are important to you.

Creating a healthy lifestyle is at the forefront of daily life. Now more than ever, you are aware that even the smallest changes in your lifestyle can improve and enhance your well-being. You are being more physically active, more diligent about what you eat, trying out new self-care tips, being more cautious about the chemicals you expose yourself to. Yet with your busy and never-ending schedule, being proactive with your health is not the easiest task. And all of this takes time, energy and money.

It is hard to make the “right” choices all of the time.

Your life is packed with things to do. Places to go. People to take care of. Work to be done. Creating a healthy lifestyle is not simple, but it could be.

Does this sound familiar?

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  • You are constantly running around trying to get everything done, often feeling tired and depleted.

  • You think about what you should put in your body, but often get caught up in your day-to-day life, making it more difficult to actually follow through on fueling yourself.

  • You know household cleaners and detergents contain harmful chemicals, but it is hard to keep up with all the available information, often leaving you feeling overwhelmed and defeated.

  • You find yourself bombarded with so much information about water, it is hard to figure out what is best to put in your body.

  • Your house is full of the latest and greatest products, from beauty tonics, to cleaning supplies, and laundry detergent, trying to always get what is best for you and your family.

  • You want to do more, do better, but you just don’t have the time, energy or money figuring out the best way to stay or get healthy.

All of this can be so tiring and all-consuming……

Because of this, there are times when you fall short of actually making the healthy decisions you truly want to make. 

Doing what is best is not always easy...until now
The Kangen Water System
Make one decision now that will eliminate thousands of future decisions, giving you back time, energy, and money all while making your life and home healthier and safer in an instant. 
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Close your eyes and try on this reality for a moment.  

With just one solution you
  • Never have to buy bottled water again 

  • Can minimize buying all those pricy laundry detergents

  • Can clean your cabinets of the multiple toxic cleaning products that take up so much valuable space

  • You can toss out expensive tonics and toners that the beauty industry sells you on

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And most importantly, you get to
  • Fuel yourself with the cleanest, healthiest water around

  • Clean your counters, dishes, and food with water proven to reduce bacteria, remove stains, rust and impurities and destroy pesticides

  • Treat your skin conditions with special water meant to balance the ph of your skin, decreasing inflammation and dryness all at the same time

  • Have great tasting water to drink and use in all of your meals

How does it feel to change your life in a moment?


Bring the Kangen Water System home...

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And have all of this at your finger tips:
  1. Strong acidic water for cleaning needs 

  2. Strong alkaline water for hygiene needs 

  3. Optimal drinking water for consumption and overall improved health 

  4. Beauty water perfect for your skin and also used when cooking 

  5. Clean water for taking medications, making baby formula and more

All so you can start to live the full and healthy life you are craving.

Once installed, no more running around trying to buy the best products for multiple needs. With a flip of a switch, you have access to making your life healthier, easier and simpler. 

Say no more!


How does it work?

The Kangen Water System filters and also ionizes the water, changing the ph of the water based on your application in the moment. 

Water ph levels range from 0-14, with the bottom range being classified as acidic and the higher range being alkaline. The ph of water changes its’ inherent properties, allowing you to use it to meet multiple needs. It is science at its best, and at is simplest. 

While this system has multiple functions, what you put in your body has the biggest impact on your life.  

That starts with the water you drink. 

You don't leave the house without your phone fully charged.

Why are you living your life less than fully charged?

Your body is 70% water…. 

  • Your brain 75% water 
  • Your blood 82% water 
  • Your lungs 90% water 

When it comes to your health, have you considered the impact water has on your entire body? 

When our bodies are not properly hydrated, we go into survival mode, much like your phone! 

Your charge indicator turns from green to yellow, the lights dim, you drop into low-data mode, you cannot download anything new and you operate with essential functions only.  

Which looks like… 

  • Feeling sluggish, tired and worn down. 
  • Feeling like you don’t have the energy you need to get through your busy day. 
  • Constantly saying how you need to take a break or catch your breath. 
  • Feeling lethargic. 
  • Feeling run down and crampy after you work out. 

These are all signs that you are not properly hydrated. 

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 When you are not drinking enough water, your body has to work harder to keep up with its’ daily functions. It diverts effort towards the most vital organs, keeping your heart beating, your lungs breathing, the survival part of your brain working. And functions not so vital suffer, leading to 

  • Brain fog 
  • Digestion issues 
  • Skin reactions 
  • Lack of muscle recovery 
  • Decreased performance 
  • Excess fatigue 

Did you know, loosing 1-2% of your body weight form dehydration, significantly impairs your physical and mental performance. 

Ultimately, your body just wants to take a break and shift into “low battery mode,” which does not work for your busy, active life! 

 Here is your chance to change all of that with just a flip of the switch. 

The Kangen Water System not only provides you with the best tasting water, water that you cannot wait to drink, it sets the ph at a level that is 

optimal for your body, optimal for your performance,  

optimal for your life!


Drinking water at a ph level of 8.5-9.5 is anti-oxidant, hydrogen rich and helps 

  • Regulate your body temperature 
  • Lubricate your joints 
  • Transport nutrients to all your organs 
  • Nutrients cross the cell membrane more easily 
  • Decreases muscle cramps 
  • Improves digestion 
  • Decreases water bloat 
  • Protect your body against free radicals 

Just imagine feeling better and improving your health all with just a glass of water. 


Plus, this system will meet more than your drinking water needs.

Along with optimal drinking water, you get access to four more ph settings to make your entire home safer and healthier...

1. Strong acid H2O for disinfecting

2. Strong alkaline H2O for cleaning fruits and veggies

3. Beauty H2O for toning skin

4. Clean H2O for baby formula and taking medications


Stop spending money on environmentally unfriendly water bottles, expensive face toners, toxic cleaning products, excessive laundry detergent and instead INVEST in your future with the Alkaline-Ionizing Water System

$1500 Down | $270/month for 16 months 

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